Working Capital Loan

Bank Guarantees, Letter of credit and other similar products meet your working capital needs. Cash, Credit limit/Overdraft facility to meet your everyday business cash flow requirements. Working capital limits to meet your export requirement. Export Credit suits best for providing Pre and Post-Shipment finance to exporters or other regular short term financial requirements.

About Working Capital Loan

Working capital limits is available in form of fund based and non-fund-based facilities – Letters of Credit and Buyers Credit etc.
Various types of Bank Guarantees to meet performance and financial obligations. Borrow up to 150% of your property value. Depending on your needs, choose a pure term loan or a combination of a term loan and an overdraft.
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Working Capital Loan Products

Term Loan

This is the most common way of availing working capital loan, which is rapayed in equidated monthly repayment. A term loan usually involves an unfixed interest rate that will add additional balance to be repaid.

Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee, like a letter of credit, guarantees a sum of money to a beneficiary; however, unlike a letter of credit, the sum is only paid if the opposing party does not fulfill the stipulated obligations under the contract.


An overdraft facility is a credit agreement made with a bank that allows an account holder to use or withdraw more money than what they have in their account up to the approved limit. The overdraft facility works like an approved loan.

Cash Credit

Cash credit works effectively for short term business credit requirement. a bank provides this facility against collateral in form of property or stock as per their own decision. Once a security for repayment has been given, the business that receives the loan can continuously draw from the bank up to a certain specified amount.

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Features of Working Capital Loan

Working capital loans are to help business for their everyday business operations mainly shorterm requirements. Working capital loans can be used to procure raw materials, inventory items, office expenses i.e. rent,salaries, electricity etc. Working capital is the best source of financing for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and also suitable for seasonal business at large.

Collateral Vs Without Collateral

Working capital loans available with or without collateral depending on the business requirement. There is a difference in rate of interest on both type of loans.

Rate of Interest

Rate of interest offered under working capital loan are the most suitable in the market and makes it more convenient to small and medium enterprises in longer run.

Multiple Product Offerings

Working Capital loans can be availed in various forms including term loans, overdraft, bank guarantee, letter of credit etc. We can say that effective utilization of working capital facility is the key to business success.

High Loan Eligibility

Working capital loans can be availed upto 200% of collateral value including both fund based and non fund based facilities.

Working Capital Loan Eligibility

Eligibility for working capital is derived through the annual business turnover and value of the property offered for mortgage. Any business entity be it sole proprietorship, partnership or private limited company, can avail working capital facility.

Interest Rate

9% Onwards

Loan Tenure

12 Months

Special Conditions

Combination of CC/TL

Frequently Ask Questions

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Yes working capital can be availed as term loan also.

Yes working capital can be availed  in combination of term loan and CC

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