About Warehouse & Cold Storage Loans

To improve your production, conservation is key. To maximize agriculture profits – storage is the most important factor. If you are a farmer or a public or private limited company; IamSolutions.in. can help you to avail financial assistance for construction and running of storage facilities (warehouse, cold storage, godowns etc).

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Warehouse Loan Products

Loan Against Warehouse Receipts

We work with groups – those involved in the commodities business, such as farmers, traders, processors and aggregations. A credit line of up to Rs. 300 million is offered for agricultural operations with agricultural commodities as securities, including those maintained in demat form.

Loan for Warehouse Construction

Financial assistance to individual farmers, Public & private limited companies, APMCs, Dealers, Traders for construction and running of storage facilities (warehouse, market yards, godowns, and silos), including cold storage units designed to store agriculture produce/ products, irrespective of location.

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Features of Warehouse & Cold Storage Loan

Choose your loan amount

Its depends on the lender, the loan amount generally ranges from a 1 Crore to  a maximum of Rs. 20 Crore, depending on the project cost and other aspects.

Enjoy the best rates

The interest rate is as decided by the lender from time to time and is influenced by a variety of factors – some of the factors being your net worth, credit history and score and relationship with the lender.

Decide your tenure

Cold storage loans are long terms loans which are typically offered for up to 9 years with a grace period of up to 2 years depending on the lender.

Faster Loan

IamSolutions helps its client to expedite the entire process by saving time in loan processing. we offer doorstep documentation and personalized assistance to complete application process and ongoing requirements to fast track the loan process.

Warehouse & Cold Storage Loan Eligibility

Individual farmers, Group of farmers, NGO’s, Association of Growers, Partnership/ Proprietary Firms, Private & Public Limited Companies, Corporations, Cooperative, APMCs, Marketing Boards/ Committees.

Rate of Interest

10.5% Onwards.


Upto 9 Years.

Loan Amount

Up to 20 Cr.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Yes you can pay off your loan anytime after paying 6 installments.

Yes, moratorium period upto 24 months can be extended for paying principal amount only interest amount need to be served during moratorium period.

Whenever you needs to meet your business objective.

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