About Loan Against Property

LAP is the most innovative product to fuel the business growth by availing secured loans at a very attractive rate of interest.  Loans Against Property enables the client to liquidate his owned property without selling it.

If you need cash for personal or business needs, taking a LAP is an excellent financial decision. All the rights and agreements over the pledged property remain with you during the loan period. LAP facility is a worthy financial product to explore.

Loan Against Property Products

LAP can be availed both in term loan as well overdraft format. Lets our team help you to get the best product available in market.

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Features of Loan Against Property

Long term loan tenure suitable for effective business growth – up to 20 years loan tenure. Attractive interest rate and convenient repayment schedule. Higher loan amount, up to 70% of property value.

Loan Against Property - Eligibility

  • Copy of title document of property documents to be offered for mortgage.
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months. VAT/GST statements for last 1 year.
  • 2-year financials including Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, balance sheet and income tax returns.
  • Documents related to establishment of entity, identity and address proof documents for promoters, directors & shareholders, partners or proprietor (As per the establishment type). 
  • Specific details would be provided by the sales officer.


Primary must be of minimum 25 year Old.


Salary or Business Income eligible to pay loan EMI

Credit Rating

No Defaults in existing loans.

Frequently Ask Questions

Still you have questions ?

Yes you can pay off your loan anytime after paying 6 installment.

Yes, you can have multiple home loans as per your income capacity but you have to offer a separate property for each loan.

You can apply your home loan even before identifying the property to purchase.

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